SIPLOCK PANEL SYSTEMS was founded by Ray Parkison in 2010. Ray has devised a connector and a locking mechanism to connect SIP panels and steal I beam.


Ray has been involved in the construction industry since 1985. As the Owner of Upgrade Roofing Inc in Atlanta, Georgia. He was involved in large projects including FAA projects ,Water treatment facilities in Atlanta and many private owned projects such as Aaron Rents and Hospitals.


Ray has a passion for super efficient construction and has built in the Atlanta area with many of the more advanced systems such as HEBEL PAAC.


Ray was in the insulation industry for 25 years and has experience in the super energy efficient construction techniques such as Spray Foam , The Blow In Blanket System and Cellulose wall systems.


With the market developing and increased need for energy efficient structures, Ray envisioned a building system with high R rating, high wind load resistance and is easy to assemble and site customizable. Combining SIP panels and steal I beams produced the required building system.


SIPLOCK is a hybrid system where SIP panels are joined and structurally supported using a steel super structure similar to metal buildings.